Frank Castellucci from Jobspring Partners just called my cell phone, and this is the conversation we had:

Him: this is blah blah from Jobspring, how are you?
Me: I don’t know you
Him: I’m a recruiter from Jobspring
Me: Oh then please take me off your list
Him: I don’t have you in a list
Me: Then how did you get my number?
Him: I have you resume from when you came in
Me: :: pause :: oh you mean from 5 years ago?
Him: Yes and I wanted to let you know that the market for devs is much better now
Me: I know that. And I have a job I like and I’m not looking. Please take me out of your system.
Him: Yes but you should look at these opportunities because —
Me: No, take me out of your system
Him: Yes but I want to update your information —
Me: No, take me out of your system
Him: Ok so you’re not looking for another job
Me: No I’m not, take me out of your system
Him: Ok so do you have any friends who you could refer me to?
Me: :: hangs up ::

5 minutes later:
Email from Frank in my inbox, saying “It was a pleasure speaking with you today and I appreciate you taking a couple of minutes.” blah blah blah

8 minutes later:
I reply back to him writing “You are ridiculous. I will be circulating your name among my friends to be sure none of them works with you.”

10 minutes later:
He replied back AGAIN telling me that I’m being harsh and “he’s just trying to build his network”

12 minutes later:
He adds me on LinkedIn.


###Bottom line

I do have friends I could refer to him. Do not work with Frank Castellucci from Jobspring.