For your blog feed, do you use Feedburner? If not, why not? It’s awesome for so many reasons, including features like email subscriptions, stats, and more. If you’re not using it for your WordPress feeds, you should be!

Assuming you are using Feedburner, here’s how easy it is to pull a list of your recent posts onto another site (for example, at the bottom of your Shopify shopping cart).

  1. Go to the Publicize section of your Feedburner account and then to the BuzzBoost section:

step 1

Scroll down to the “Boost Your Cross-Promotional Potential” section and click on “BuzzBoost”:

step 2

Choose the options you’d like from the settings menu and click Save.

This will bring up the BuzzBoost code you’ll be installing on the other site:

step 3

Then just copy the code from the top section and dump it wherever you want to show the posts as previewed in the bottom section.

Pretty cool huh?