If you, like me, use a podcast app other than iTunes or Stitcher, it’s really annoying trying to find the RSS feed url to subscribe to a new podcast that doesn’t explicitly tell you what the url is. Lately I’ve seen a lot of podcasts just listed in someone’s blog like this:

podcast screenshot

Turns out these podcasts are all hosted by a service called libsyn.com, and after a bit of sleuthing I found the RSS feed url that is set as the default url in their system.

Here’s how to find it:

Mousing over the “Play in new window” link to see what it’s linking to. For the podcast above, it links to: http://traffic.libsyn.com/mebeingcrafty/epi016_Lee_Monroe.mp3

The “mebeingcrafty” part of this url is the name of this podcast. Take that name and put it in this format:


And you get an RSS feed of the podcast!

This should work for most, if not all, podcasts hosted on libyn.com