You know when you get to the section of a checkout form where you can enter a promo code, but you don’t have one?

The next thing you do if you’re me is open a new browser tab and google “website URL promo code” to see if you can grab one and save yourself some cash.

Well, just now, I was signing up for to try out their business plan software and did the above. The result on Google was pretty interesting, and not at all what I expected:

Google Results

See that first, paid, result? That’s from the company itself! And the second non-paid result? Also from them!

Of course that’s unusual (usually when you google for codes, you find them on sites like retailmenot, not on the actual company’s website!) so it made me click the link immediately.

Check out where it takes you:

Promo Code Page

A page telling you that if you like them on Facebook, you’ll get 50% off your purchase.


Their FB page has ~14K likes right now and I absolutely guarantee you that most of them are because of this marketing idea. Whoever came up with this one did a great job!

If you sell a digital subscription product like this one, copy this idea. Now.