How to use one GoDaddy hosting account for multiple sites

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It took me a while to figure out how to seamlessly use one hosting account for multiple sites, and I think the reason is that GoDaddy’s FAQ section isn’t too clear on the process. I’m usually pretty good at following instructions so I believe that if I had trouble understanding, others might too! (Please don’t tell me if this isn’t the case)

So below is a simple tutorial on how to use one GoDaddy hosting account for multiple websites with different domains.

Note that these instructions assume you have already purchased the additional domains from GoDaddy using the same GoDaddy login/account.

First things first: Log into your GoDaddy account and go to the Hosting section of My Products. Here’s what this section of the webpage looks like when I log in:

You may have more than one account listed here if you’ve bought more than one hosting package. For this example I am showing just the hosting account I want to use to host the other domain.

Click on the green “launch” button to open the Hosting Manager (if you have more than one hosting account, choose the one you want to use to host the files for the new domain). The Hosting Manager looks something like this:

Click on the “Your Domains” button to go to the Domains Manager section, which looks like this:

(note I’ve got dummy folders in this screenshot, those aren’t really the folder names I use)

Your Domain Management section probably won’t look like this if you’ve never aliased a domain before, but if you examine my sample screenshot it should reveal how this process works. The first line is my actual hosting account, and you can see that it’s got a star next to it and is labeled “Setup Primary” so that you can distinguish it from the others. You’ll notice also that the “edit” and “delete” buttons are disabled for this one but are available for all the other domains.

The other domains are all aliased to various folders on In other words, I didn’t purchase hosting for or any of the other 3 domains you see here: those sites live on within their own folders.

What happens when you go to You aren’t redirected to, right? (take a second to check out the URL bar at the top of your browser to confirm this if you’re not sure)

What aliasing does is create a virtual “folder” at which actually lives at Everything that is available in that subfolder is also available from the domain’s “root.” Here are two examples to illustrate:

If you were to go to (not a valid URL) it would look exactly like

If you were to go to (definitely not a valid URL) it would look exactly like

Got it?

Now to add your new domain and assign it to a folder. From the Domain Management screen, click on the “Add Domain” button in the upper right-hand corner to open the Add Domain dialog, which looks like this:

When you click in the Domain box, a drop-down will open with all the domains you have in your GoDaddy account that aren’t yet set up. I’ve used “” here to illustrate. Select the domain you want to use and then type the subfolder where its files will live in the “Folder” section. I usually give the folder the same name as the domain name so as to keep things self-explanatory when I’m looking at my files in an FTP client. So for this example, the folder name would be “newdomain” (without quotes obviously). Click OK to save.

And you’re done! Once the setup by GoDaddy is complete, you can use your FTP client to go to the subfolder and build your entire new site within that folder.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments if this isn’t clear!